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Sizzling steak. It’s the sweet sound of success for the brothers behind Carl’s Steak Subs. While this Waltham take-out spot may be tiny, it’s practically exploding with steak bombs that are gigantic, belly-busting, monuments to meat.

Carl Lando – Owner, Carl’s: “You won’t find a steak sub bigger than this… I mean a large, our large, I mean forget about finishing it. And our small is the size of most people’s larges.”

Size really does matter at Carl’s. A large sandwich packs over a pound of steak, and what they consider a small holds just under a pound. Even though the extra large rolls are custom-made for Carl’s, they’re barely able to contain all that meat. The steak itself is a secret blend of two types of beef, shaved fresh everyday.

Eric Lando – Owner, Carl’s: “It’s a Boston Cheese Steak. I mean it’s beefy, it’s big, it’s made to please you.”

Even the city of Brotherly Love doesn’t love cheese steaks as much as the brothers at Carl’s, a Phantom Gourmet… Hidden Jewel.

Review Date: 3/12/2005
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